Permanent email forwarding for researchers

The res-ear.ch non-profit organization offers free and permanent email redirections to researchers. Our purpose is to help researchers – especially those changing frequently of employer, as post-doctoral researchers do – to communicate a durable and serious email address for their scientific publications. This avoids the problem of using your current research lab address which will be cancelled as soon as you change of affiliation, or using the address of your ISP or free email provider that does not looks so serious.

Our email addresses are registered in the "res-ear.ch" domain name, thus ending with "@res-ear.ch". The "res-ear.ch" domain was chosen because it looks serious enough for publication purpose.

We do provide email forwarding, i.e. when a mail is sent to the firstname.lastname@res-ear.ch address, it is redirected to the destination address of your choice (which may be your current institutional email, personal mail, specific mailbox). This solution brings many benefits:

  • flexibility and durability: should you change your destination mailbox, you wouldn't have to change your @res-ear.ch address; just ask us to change the alias for it to forward the mails to your new address.
  • cost-free : as we do not store your mails, we don't need storage capabilities, neither than backups. That's how we propose a free service.
  • confidentiality : redirected emails are not stored in our server. As the redirection is computed by a server managed by an external company, we have no technical way to read your mail.
  • reliability: our service is as reliable as the company in charge of servers maintenance, which is currently OVH; should their reliability decrease, we would transparently change the hosting of this service as well, without changing your permanent email.

Because we provide email aliases rather than email accounts, we do not offer the services that usually come with an account like mail storage, webmail or pop3/imap/smtp access. Keep your habits and use the parameters and services related to the destination address. Note that @res-ear.ch address are also not filtered against spam.

This website is still in an "beta" status. Nevertheless, you can already create your permanent address:

URL redirections for research pages

We currently experiment free URL redirection, in order to redirect browsers from a public URL like "http://firstnamelastname.res-ear.ch" to the URL of your personal page. This support is currently experimental only.