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This is a beta release of the registration system.

1/5 - Terms of use

In order to keep this service cost-free and durable, we ask you to comply with these terms of service. Please read them carefully.

  1.  @res-ear.ch addresses are offered to researchers only.
  2.  Use your @res-ear.ch address for research purpose only (i.e. publication, scientific correspondence), in order to lower server use and maintain the reputation of this domain name.
  3.  Protecting your address against spam is your responsability (in case of heavy spam, you would have to change of address, thus failing to achieve the "permanent" purpose)
  4.  This service is provided freely in a best-effort spirit by several benevolent researchers. We offer no garantee of service at all.
  5.  Please answer the confirmation mails that will be sent (at max) once a year to confirm that you're using your email. Absence of answer would lead us to delete your account.

 I accept the terms of use for res-ear.ch email forwarding. I understand that my address may be deleted if I don't comply with these terms.

2/5 - Who are you ?

These information only help us to understand who use our service; these information will never be shared nor sold.

First name:
Last name:
Birth year:
Current status:
Last affiliation :

3/5 - Choose your @res-ear.ch address

Please choose the "@res-ear.ch" address of your choice. Use your real name or a reasonable simplification of it; using "firstname.lastname" sounds like a good idea. If you have a known homonym, please detail your address enough for you both to be distinguished. However, you may request another address if necessary.

4/5 - Destination address

What is the destination address which will receive all the emails sent to the @res-ear.ch address ? An email will be sent to this address before creating the redirection.

Destination mail:
 I confirm this email is mine.

5/5 - Choose a password

This password will be required if you want to delete this redirection or to change your destination address. It will be encrypted (using MD5) into our database. Please use a password having at least 5 characters.


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